106th Indian Science Congress

Women’s Science Congress

The 106th Indian Science Congress is organizing Women’s Science Congress with the focal theme “Future India : Science and Technology”. This programme is intended to showcase the contribution of women in Science, Technology and the Society.

Countries that understand the fact “Talent is the critical factor for growth” are poised for success. The world economic forum on the global gender gap has reported that India succeeds in fully closing its primary and secondary education enrolment gender gaps for the second year running, and, for the first time has nearly closed its tertiary education gender gap

Qualified women are coming out of the education system and it is for the industries to hire, retain and promote them. As we are moving into the era of talentism, the integration of women into the talent pool becomes inevitable.

It is also very important that women participate in policy making and political leadership. Carefully designed policies with dedicated leadership shall pave way to innovations and discoveries benefitting society.

Renowned women scientists and women leaders from Government, academia and industry who are decision makers will be delivering lecture and participate in panel discussion.

Call for Abstracts

Till recently, leading newspaper of India reports that career in Science and Technologyis mainly occupied by men. Only 14% of Indian research is contributed by women. This is alarmingly low as compared to the global average of 28.4%. Only 65% of Indian woman receives basic education. This is threatening. We have a glorious past of legendary and intellectual women. We need to reinvent ourselves. Our father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi stated, “When a man is educated an individual is educated; when a woman is educated a family and a country are educated”. This was his vision seventy years ago. As a woman it should be our prime responsibility to take his mission forward.We are honoured to invite you to participate in 8th Women Science Congress (WSC), an integral part of 106th Indian Science Congress (ISC). Feel proud of yourself and contribute to this memorable event! Showcase and celebrate your scientific temper!

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Note: Only selected Abstracts will be called for poster presentation. Abstract book will be published.

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Women’s Science Congress in 106th Indian Science Congress will be organized on January 5th and 6th, 2019.
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