106th Indian Science Congress

Science Communicators’ Meet


Science communicators’ role is to facilitate public engagement with scientific issues. Science communication plays an integral part in one’s scientific career. Being able to effectively disseminate research findings within the community and to consider collective opinions in prioritizing research needs is an important attribute of scientific maturity. Thus, dissemination of scientific information and inculcation of scientific attitude among masses at large is the need of the hour.

With this broad goal, Science Communicators’ Meet is held every year at the Indian Science Congress for understanding and promoting effective communication of science to diverse audiences. It provides an opportunity to academicians, science journalists, activists, filmmakers, scientists and other communicators from all over the world to meet, deliberate and exchange their views on how to develop science communication. The aim of the Science Communicators’ Meet is to bring together different interest groups in the field of science promotion and communication.


The meet aim to cultivate and build up a more closely knit science communication community in the country responsible for disseminating science information to all stakeholders. The specific objectives of the meet are:

  • To bring different science communicators together, to discuss the development and optimum utilization existing & new media and arenas in order to strengthen the dialogue between the research community and the society.
  • Provide opportunities for practitioners of science communication to discuss communication strategies and receive critical feedback.
  • Spread the scientific way of thinking among people and make science accessible to them.
  • To provide opportunities for dialogue between science and technology communicators

Science Communicators Meet in 106th Indian Science Congress will be organized on January 5th and 6th, 2019.
Programme Details

In case of any further query contact

Dr. Rajesh Verma

Mobile: 98729-74457
E-mail : communicator.isc106@lpu.co.in

Convener , Science Communicator Meet

Dr. S. Hari Babu

Mobile: 8146677679
E-mail : hari.17776@lpu.co.in

Co-ordinator Science Communicator Meet

Mithilesh Pandey

Mobile: 8437358437
E-mail : mithilesh.16149@lpu.co.in

Co-ordinator Science Communicator Meet

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