106th Indian Science Congress

Welcome Note


Welcome Note

Indian Science Congress is one of the foremost scientific events of the world, which interests international scientific community. It has immensely contributed to promoting and sharing cutting edge research and in stimulating scientific temper.

Modern India realises that scientific research is a key element in the holistic development of the country and the focal theme of 106th Congress, ‘Future India: Science and Technology’ reflects the same aspiration. Developments in science and technology have vitally altered the way people live, trade, inter-connect and compete. However, the scientific quest is an unending journey which seeks to take the fruits of development to the common man so that it can contribute more in the development of society and humanity. I am certain that the 106th Indian Science Congress will further enhance the formation of global companionship by following Indian philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.’

With tremendous pleasure and utmost gladness, I extend a very warm welcome to all the dignitaries, champions of scientific research, delegates, associates and other stakeholders to the 106th session of the Indian Science Congress at Lovely Professional University. I sincerely believe that your presence will add a fresh dimension to this monumental event.

Ashok Mittal
Lovely Professional University

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