106th Indian Science Congress

Local Organising Committee & Sub Committees

LPU's Local Organizing Committee Committee Role Email ID & Contact No.
Dr. Puneet Sikand Member E-mail: puneet.sikand@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9872412301
Mr. Navdeep Dhaliwal Member E-mail: navdeep.dhaliwal@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9878426865
Mr Aman Mittal Member E-mail: aman.mittal@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9876544001
Mr Atul Singla Member E-mail: atul.singla@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9888100148
Dr Manish Gupta Member E-mail: manish.gupta@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9876740030
Dr. Harpal Thethi Member E-mail: harpal.thethi@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9915020421
Academia Industry Interface Committee
Dr. Harpal Thethi Coordinator Email: harpal.thethi@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9915020421
Finance (Fund Management) Committee
Mr. ML Sharma Coordinator E-mail: manoharlal.sharma@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9876740040
Mr. Rahul Sharma Member E-mail: rahul.23101@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9988744858
Mr. NS Gupta Member E-mail: ao.dsa@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9501005217
Venues, Infrastructure and Facilities
Mr Atul Singla Coordinator E-mail: atul.singla@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9888100148
Mr S.B Singla Co-cordinator E-mail: ce.office@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9876740020
Mr. Anjan Chakarvarthy Member E-mail: anjan.16309@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 7508183876
Mr. Birender Singh Member E-mail: birender.11056@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9876644338
Mr Amandeep Singh Member E-mail: amandeep.singh@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9915020445
Mr Raj Arya Member E-mail: raj.arya@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9876077239
Mr Naresh Chopra Member E-mail: naresh.chopra@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9988882434
Mr Manpreet Janjua Member E-mail: manpreet3.singh@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9878977500
Mr Navdeep (Civil Maintanance) Member E-mail: navdeep.23120@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 7009197233
Mr. Sushant Taheem Member E-mail: sushant.18668@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9888598747
Mr Ravneet Singh Member E-mail: ravneet.18490@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9815500401
Media committee (centre)
Mr. Aman Mittal Coordinator E-mail: aman.mittal@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9876544001
Ms. Archana Sehgal Member E-mail: archna.sehgal@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9878426857
Ms Komal Member E-mail: komal.21539@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9592699698
Registration and Website committee
Mr. Rajeev Sobti Coordinator E-mail: rajeev.sobti@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9878426859
Tel: 01824-406657
Mr. Vinay Anand Co-Coordinator E-mail: vinay.anand@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9876744336
Inquiry and Information Committee
Mr Rishi Chopra Coordinator E-mail: rishi.chopra@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9814892566
Reception and Hospitality Committee
Mr Narinder Garcha Coordinator E-mail: narinder.garcha@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9216157770
Conduct Committee (Venue and Pandal) including stage  Decoration
Mr Navdeep Dhalliwal Coordinator E-mail: navdeep.dhaliwal@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9878426865
Dr Rajesh Verma Co-cordinator E-mail: rajesh.verma@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9872974457
Dr Ramesh Thakur Co-cordinator E-mail: rc.thakur@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 7508183818
Dr Sorabh Lakhanpal Co-cordinator E-mail: sorabh.lakhanpal@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9915020450
Invitation Committee (including printing of Invitation Cards, Letters, envelope, brochure)
Mr Ankur Sodhi Coordinator E-mail: ankur.sodhi@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9915579000
Publication and Correspondence Committee (Printing of souvenir, Abstract volume, Programme book, Pamphlets and Fliers and Daily news Bulletin)
Mr Ankur Agarwal Coordinator E-mail: ankur.agarwal@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 7347000910
Ms Navpreet Kaur Member E-mail: navpreet.18242@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 8968243333
Conference Material Committee (Kit, Memento, Gift, Shawl, Certificate)
Mr Suresh Kashyap Coordinator E-mail: suresh.kashyap@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9463072998
Ms Karuna Aggarwal Co-Coordinator E-mail: karuna.aggarwal@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9501110400
Safety, Security and Parking Committee
Brig (Retd) G S Dhillon Coordinator E-mail: gurjit.14402@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9780005945
Mr. Surinder Khurana Co-Coordinator E-mail: surinder.11149@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9876644331
Mr. Sunil Sharma Co-Coordinator E-mail: sunil.14473@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9878426874
Hotel/Off-Campus Accommodation Committee
Mr Sanjay Sood - Jalandhar Coordinator E-mail: sanjay.sood@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9780036451
Mr Nitin Bhardwaj Co-Coordinator E-mail: nitin.15903@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9988858588
Campus Hostel Accommodation Committee
Mr Gurpreet Phull Coordinator E-mail: gurpreet.phull@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9814823275
Mr Ashwini Tiwari Coordinator E-mail: ashwani.20554@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9216656008
Dr Sunaina Khurana Coordinator E-mail: sunaina@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9888555085
Mr Ravikant Pathak Coordinator E-mail: ravi.pathak@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9915020409
Food & Catering committee
Mr Manish  Coordinator E-mail: manish.13124@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9876011333
Mr Vaibhav Mittal Coordinator E-mail: vaibhav.mittal@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9876844001
Mr Sarbinder Singh Member E-mail: sarbinder.20064@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 8699415415
Mr Amit Joshi Member  
Cultural and Recreational Activities committee
Dr Sorabh Lakhanpal Coordinator E-mail: sorabh.lakhanpal@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9915020450
Mr Balpreet Singh Member E-mail: balpreet.15731@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9876644332
Dr V Kaul Member E-mail: vkaul.15090@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9780036536
Travel Desk and TA reimbursement Committee
Mr Gaurav Gupta Coordinator E-mail: gaurav.gupta@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9780036416
Transportation Committee
Mr Ankur Behl Coordinator E-mail: ankur.bahl@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9780485261
Mr S K Sehdev Co-cordinator E-mail: sk.sahdev@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9814193770
Mr Gautam Sachdeva Member E-mail: gautam.19524@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9988445590
Mr Gurpreet Singh Member E-mail: gurpreet.singh02@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 8146533031
Sponsorship Committee
Dr. Harpal Theti Coordinator E-mail: harpal.thethi@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 9915020421
Mr. Vaneet K. Arora Co-Coordinator E-mail: vaneet.arora@lpu.co.in
Mobile: 7508183832

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